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rants within update. 8D/

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[music| I hate to admit it but it's SNSD - Gee. damn. (kinda antiSNSD XD)]

Jamiroquai live at Sentul is like a dream come true.. sadly I can't attend this event too.. just like the other events at Jakarta. it's too far away (still, although it's within Indonesia), and I'm in the middle of exams.. and for my financial condition now the seat price is too expensive.. damn.

jamiroquai at sentul Pictures, Images and Photos

I always almost crying every time i see the add on tv. I know by hearts those teaser songs.. some of my favorites.. aww, quit whining already, such a big baby i am. I need a job. with good money. *NOD!NOD*

and oh..

this was taken about 2 months ago. haha, OLD!


what's up with black and white? XD. it was also happened on the Beatles and ERK pages (at that time).. yaa.. monochrome is cool! talking bout that..

long time ago, i was very into this! XD~


what's up now cute pigs?

please don't ban my icon.. (lol inspired by rinka at her ruki icon.. credit to shizuka_no_yume). and oh! maya_rock! i forgot bout my bag that i want to show you~ T___T next post i promise! i forgot where did i put that picture uuh.. whether i put it in my desktop or notebook ~___~
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hao Noir-san :D
ahahha, GAjet mah emg hobi item putih bukannya? XD
ERK? Efek RUmah Kaca yah? Mereka keren yah, kagum ama protes mrk yg disampein via lagu~

monokuro boo?
Noir-san juga suka? XDD
Aku juga sempet lho, tempat pensil, pulpen, penghapus pernah ada motif monokuro boo smua
ampe mamiku beliin barang2 di atas (tempat pensil dkk) gr2 tw aku suka X3
halo egie.. aduuh, panggil noir aja deh. gausah pake san. hehe

itu foto tiap page artis yang nentuin lebih ke nasib sebenernya gie, hahaha.. tergantung orang voting foto yang mana, tapi emang buat pagenya Gazette itu ditentuin label eropa/amerikanya si gazette yaitu CLJ records yang menyebalkan..fotonya itu terus. eh ternyata beberapa top artis gw lagi item putih juga fotonya hehehe.. pas gitu..

iyah, :D well, lirik yang mengocok2 ide mainstream dan musik yang mantap adalah unsur mereka *cailah, noir*.

iya, karena item putih jadi inget monokuroboo.. dulu tahun 2006an waktu awal2 dia muncul gw suka ma monokuroboo. banget (sejenis obsesif malah keknya hahah). duit abis tuh buat beli bantal, jam, kerai, hp strap.. blablabla.. skg si dah engga.. apa kabarnya mereka sekarang hahaha..
itu tiketnya brapaan se? *squint eyes*
klo gak salah liat yg ABCD itu 1 - 2 jeti yah??
mahal.... but ... jamiroquai.... huhuhu... *ikutan nangis mupenk*

A IDR 2.500.000 IDR 1.500.000 IDR 1.750.000
B IDR 2.000.000 IDR 1.250.000 IDR 1.500.000
C IDR 2.000.000 IDR 1.250.000 IDR 1.500.000
D IDR 1.500.000 IDR 1.000.000 IDR 1.250.000
E IDR 750.000 IDR 500.000 IDR 600.000
F IDR 750.000 IDR 500.000 IDR 600.000

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andai a a a a a aku jadi orang kayaa~ andai a a a a a a ga usah pake kerja.. (oppie andaresta)

kaya juga percuma, gw ujian gila.. nasib begitu kejam.. judul konsernya tuh loh pur, kejem banget "YES IT'S TRUE, I'M COMING TO INDONESIA AND YOU CAN'T WATCH ME!"
wakakkaa masi tau jg toh lagunya oppie yg itu.. xD~ ternyata sd gt dah up to date jg ya ma musik *compliment loh ...*

EMBER! wth itu judul concertnya... xDDD bikin pait sepait2nya~~~
gue mo nonton jg mesti kluar $$$ buat ke indo juga.. plus tiket konser...

Jay!! why the hell are u not coming to US huh? HUH?!!
iya hahaha, kalo oppie andaresta gw baru kelas 1 sd.. apa belum sekolah ya gw? kayanya masih tk hahahah

jangan J! kalo aku ga bisa nonton kamu di Indo yaudah aja langsung balik ke Inggris.. nanti aku susul ke sana yak! ga usah mampir ke US! hahahagh

Deleted comment

hallo yulli~ *hug*

heheh iyaa, lucu banget. padahal babi kan haram yah hahaha

Deleted comment

kek apa donk yull? masa kaya pesawat.. ya ga doonk..

aku punya boneka, bantal, action figure sama tempat hapenya.. aga mirip babi kelamaan di masukin kulkas sih.. *KOTAK gitu.*

Deleted comment

lumayan laah, kamar ku mirip kandang babi XDD

bukaan, bukan koleksi ku di masukin kulkas. tapi seolah2 monokurobo itu babi yang lama di masukin ke kulkas, karena bentuk mereka kotak2 heheheheh..

mau? ambilah sini hahaha
jyakakakak..icon na.....mecummm xDD;

jyah,,jamiroquai..gak suka seh aye , mahal pula tiket na (_ _:)
hehehe.. tapi lucu.. chibi on sex.. hahaha

hehehe, iya mahal banget nih.. T__T jauh pula haduuh..
I didn't know you adore Jamiroquai that much! But I used to listen to his songs before too, and i always wonder how does his hair looks like actually since he wears that kind of tall hat, even during the Oscar awards XD

Sometimes people just love being back at the 80's! >"<;
I'm not his biggest fans but yeah I'm a fans. who willing to go to watch him if i got money and time. well, he's a great musician and he come from far away.. ^__^

His head&hair is pretty normal i believe XD there are rumor that he's bald and or having epitaxy.. but i kinda remember he was showing his head w/out hat one time in a show.. that was looong time ago.


I believe he was happening in like 90's? no? XD
I believe he's bald too. Because the first thing popped in my head when I knew he never puts his hat off is..either he got bad hair or no hair at all LOL! But yea its not the matter of hair, but his talent that counts XD

You mean jamiroquai? Yea i think so too. But what I mean by the 80's is..the monochrome pictures. People love being retro these days :D
OH! definitely misunderstood.. my apology ma'am. *bow*

I always laugh every time I look at your icon. XDDD It's cute & dirty at the same time. XDD

Oh about the black x white pics, Gaze one is originally in that color (it's actually quite blue-ish) when they first announced about DISTRESS AND COMA. X3 I never realize the Ichi ni one until you posted. o_o
hehehhe.. pervert chibi yay! XD and i like your caption on ruki's porno sketch.

yes, it's the originally rather bluish i just saw the scans some days ago. heheh.. (but i don't think it's their best picture. dammit CLJ! stop monopolizing the gazette page!) what a coincidence my top artists are using black and white picture on their artist page there..

I believe ichi's now is back in color? depends on the vote nee.. XD
:c awh. I'm sorry you can not attend the live.
XD I love the pigs too~
your icon is cute. ahaha~ x3
noir-chan...ini saia, mesti ^^
saia udah nge-add journal dirimu...add back yah XD
siip, thanks ya mesti! you've added back! ^_~