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I love love love love this music video so effin' much! THES ES SO FUNNY! I guarantee it.

the title is Wannabe, and it has 2nd episode which titled High Technology + trot.

the 1st episode:

the continuation:

I bet you'll have a very good LOL on these. Epik High is always one of my favorite, ever since i fell in love to them 2 years ago. not just their awesome music, also their works on music video are so cool. you'll find some songs which sounds serious are visualized in cute-happy but intriguing or even disturbing clip (example: Wannabe, High Technology) while merry song is pictured in somewhat black/horror but with a good humor inside it (example: Fan, Fly & so on).

for you who don't know them yet (although I'm pretty sure they're quite famous right now) Epik High is a hip-hop/rap/r&b music group from south Korea. but they're not just 'that'. actually they even once stated they want a 'no genre, just music' style for their music XD, they've (successfully) tried to mix so many genres but still with their signature in it; name it: rock, dance, jazz, classic, big band, oldies EVEN TRADITIONAL MUSIC xD (Trot, kalo di indonesia itu kaya keroncong atau campur sari gitu).
their songs are consist of pretty poems, criticism on currents (national or global) issues and often delivers deep messages. they used to be in major labels but since 2009 they go indie, building their own company (not the usual huh? ;D).

The members are so talented if not genius XD. there are a contemporary poet, a savage DJ & a weird case of genius musician. &their English won't fail you; as for the leader is a Bachelor from Stanford University. they're often working with other talented artists or groups such as Clazziquai (a pop-jazz-r&b band), Dynamic Duo (kaya m-flo-nya korea), Emi Hinouchi & so on.


(tablo is the tiny one, tukutz is the tall one, and mithra is the big-chubby one).
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