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Because of something and another; I decided to restrain myself from tweeting until all my puny (but distressing) problems are taken care of. However as it is entering the second week of doing it, I become a bit frustrated lol. I need to share this pent up rubbish in my head, or else my brain will rot. Tweeting facilitating this urge every now and then; but since I'm in my restraining stage now so... the bright side is I get to write longer entries in this journal again. yay.

ok so, I want to share so many things, but I'll try to keep it lean and tight, so I won't bore anyone who's bother to read this. & sorry for my lousy english, I haven't used it properly for several months now == guess being a fluent speaker doesn't make me a good writer.

I. Dreams.

As in a dream in sleeping stance. I dreams a lot. Recently because of stress, I dreamed about scary, surreal things lol. Definition of scary for me is not about supernatural things or what... it's more like psychological attack by my subconscious; lmao. Anyway, sometimes I dreamed about nice things too. just like this morning I dreamed about something so good I woke up with a very big grin stretched upon my lips, so wide that it's hurt. Another good dream is about my friend mochisshi who's going to be a mother in several months; I dreamed about her and her cute tummy (I haven't see her anymore since her wedding party, now that I think of it oTL gonna visit her next time) so happy in that dream. Ah, good things :D I wish that baby will grow up to be an excellent child for the parents.

II. Accident

Fortunately it's not me who's involved in an accident. It's some girl in a busy road I passed several days ago. It's kinda serious I think; I heard loud bang and the second I take a look at the source of those noises I saw a girl sprawled under her motorcycle, looks agitated. Thanks God it's not those gory gruesome accident with bloody or fatal impact; I mean she's still conscious, body intact and all; it could be worse /shudder. Apparently she was hit (but not frontally—how do you say it keserempet in english?) by a mini-truck when she was crossing the street. Poor girl. It's just I was kinda shocked by that incident that I was so disturbed and scared for some moment u__u. I had my share of accidents too, although I hope I won't experience it anymore. amen.

III. Gintama

This might be the high-light in this entry. I fall in love with this series. It's so funny, hilarious and everything beyond =)) I got some big laugh from it; I can help to have some of those in this state of mind, lol. I thought it was just another action series at first; got curious why so many people talk about it. Well, as Hunter x Hunter 2011 version is kind of disappointing, I thought it won’t hurt to take a look on other series as well—because it's been a while since the last time I watched anime.

The protagonist Yorozuya (lit; freelancer doing all odds): Gintoki (the young man with silver hair riding scooter), Shinpachi (the young boy with glasses), Kagura (the little girl riding a large dog), Sadaharu (their dog. yeah, it's a dog despite his size is as big as a mini-cooper).

So yeah I got this first impression that this show is only about samurai, fighting and all; but turn out it's a comedy action—in THAT order: means the comedy take a large part in this series. Of course it's still has serious arc or plot once in a while, executed in a good way too. The thing that I didn’t expect from this series is that every now and then some episode can be a serious tear jerker; eventho it's so funny in the beginning—it can turn you into a tear mess in a while, now I'm conflicted, lol. It has deep and strong quotes or catch-phrases, sometimes makes you reflecting on your life or learning to be a better person. Very unexpected from a crack series like this!

Their jokes involving heap-full parodies as one of its appeal. Other jokes mostly satirical about national, international, political current issues—even sponsorship or broadcasting system in Japan! No wonder they’re caught in some troubles because of these, but since fans are supporting this show so hard, I guess it’s normal for them to get off with it every now and then.

If you need a big laugh, understand general knowledge about Japan (or at least has a slight idea of it) and are not bothered by toilet jokes or slapstick humor once in a while; give it a try! 8DD

I guess, it’s all for now. I gotta finish something else first :))
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