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In before I'm holing my self and battling with my graduation paper; let me basking in this little sanctuary called fandom for a while. It can be so trivial and stupid...

Gintama: Sakata Gintoki

So I'd like to point out why I like Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. Maybe it's because we share some similar traits, especially the bad ones.

I assure you I don't share the same hobby in picking nose like him anyway

1. He's a lazy bum, so do I (and I'm trying so hard to stop this habit)

2. He's lack of motivation, so do I... for now. For now the future seems so bleak for me. idk, maybe it's just a 'pre-young-adult' age crisis (?) I'm having now. But the differences between me and him is he's like a 'samurai-master' and will go saving people ass when he needed to; while I'm not == I'm just an ordinary undergraduate law students. /sigh

3. We both are sweet tooth. Although, again he's in whole different level than me or any human beings I've known in my lifetime (I haven't meet anyone who ate his rice with dessert like fruit or sweet pea [azuki] jam on top of it ಠ_ಠ).

4. We both like to read Jump... well, at least I used to, when I was 14 or 15... now I only read Hunter x Hunter (and I just began to read it again just recently).

5. He's a year older than me (which is around his early twenties); but his mental age is that of 15 years old boy. I'm very much like him in this when I'm around my family or best friends...

6. That's all about the shared traits. Next I'd like to point out why he's so favorable. He's a bad ass, careless, lazy, hoodlum-like (hate to admit it but he's cool that way) but he likes to address himself as Gin-san or Gin-chan which I found it so endearing, funny and cute.

7. He's Kagura's guardian and doing a very good job at it. A doting pseudo-father. While other flashy vulgar shonen comics might make their chemistry into those corrupted relationship between a little girl and a much older guy she can call him 'uncle', just so adult (otaku) fans can fantasize about it == (lolicon), their story is more natural, innocent and heartwarming. I love how he can be a good yet careless father/brother/friend for Kagura; maybe because I long for a father like him: as friend also as guardian. My relationship with my dad is that of boss and his underlings ==;

Idk, he's just so 'nice' eventho he's behaving like a useless prick most of the time.

Running Man: Joong Ki's comeback

It's only an episode but I'm grateful for it. The amount of Gwangsoo/JoongKi moments in this episode is so hefty I can't handle it. I mean I know it was brotherly love and all, but please I can't take those all it's so cute. Why korean men are so touchy~ It's dangerous for fangirls heart! ( ื▿ ืʃƪ)

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