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10 April 2013 @ 02:09 pm

yeah, been so long since the last time I ruined famous people's image with my writings.


EXO | Kyungsoo | PG (?)
In which Kyungsoo’s dumfounded face looks adorable for everyone, except him who has to disagree.
1039 words.
09 December 2011 @ 09:42 pm
[mood| depressed]
[music| SPYAIR - Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)]

Jadi ceritanya suatu malam dengan isengnya saya nyetel RCTI yang setiap jam prime-time kayanya pasti muter sinetron dari senin sampai senin lagi. Hari itu juga saya baru sadar beberapa fakta tentang sinetron, salah satunya: Sinetron sekarang durasinya 3 jam! Saya tidak semata-mata nonton sinetron yang sedang tayang malam itu sih, seperti biasa saya komputeran sambil ditemani televisi yang menyala—soalnya kalau saya fokus dan nekat nonton itu sinetron dengan khusyuk bisa-bisa cidera otak. Udah pernah nyoba dulu, dan waktu itu baru 5 menit aja saya udah berurai air mata; bukan karena terbawa suasana atau terharu sama ceritanya, tapi sakit hati nonton kegoblokan tingkat dewa ditayangin rutin. Bayangkan otak anda harus menerima serangan sekeji itu selama 3 jam; saya pass deh.

Jadi sambil lalu saya setel aja itu channel yang seperti diduga sedang menayangkan sinetron. Judulnya Dewa kalau tidak salah. Dimulai adegan (bentar, saya sambil googling nama-nama artisnya dulu nih, ga hapal) di mana Naysila Mirdad dan Aura Kasih (yang ceritanya sedang hamil)—panik di dalam bus yang sedang melaju. Rupanya si Aura Kasih mau melahirkan, padahal mereka sedang dalam perjalan entah kemana. Naysila Mirdad yang di situ jadi adiknya Aura Kasih teriak-teriak minta tolong sama semua orang yang ada di dalam bus tersebut.

Pak Sopir bus-nya? Cuman nengok doang terus fokus lagi mengendarai bus supaya baik jalannya, HEY! Tuk tik tak tik tuk...

Beruntung ada seorang penumpang mengaku dirinya bidan dan menawarkan diri membantu kelahiran bayi Aura Kasih. Jengjengjeng bayinya lahir selamat di atas bus yang sedang melaju.

COME OOONNN!!!Collapse )

Setelah ini ada macam-macam adegan bodoh lain, dan campur-campur dari beberapa plot berbeda. Dan dari point ini saya udah sangat sedikit pedulu sih, jadi ga bisa ngomelin adegan-adegannya lagi. Ada ibu-ibu di penjara berantem, ada tiga orang, dua anak dan satu bapak yang siuman di rumah sakit katanya habis kecelakaan di episode sebelumnya, ada cewe berkursi roda berantem sama seorang laki-laki yang nuduh dia pura-pura lumpuh, ada pasangan aneh antara om-om tsundere menolak tante-tante melas, itu semua plot jadi satu tumplak dalam satu judul. Entah bagaimana para penggemar bisa menikmatinya. Udahlah saya kapok, ga mau lagi...

24 November 2011 @ 01:29 pm
[mood| full]
[music| U'Two - Guilty Conscience (Pump It Up)]

In before I'm holing my self and battling with my graduation paper; let me basking in this little sanctuary called fandom for a while. It can be so trivial and stupid...

Gintama: Sakata Gintoki

So I'd like to point out why I like Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. Maybe it's because we share some similar traits, especially the bad ones.

I assure you I don't share the same hobby in picking nose like him anyway

1. He's a lazy bum, so do I (and I'm trying so hard to stop this habit)

2. He's lack of motivation, so do I... for now. For now the future seems so bleak for me. idk, maybe it's just a 'pre-young-adult' age crisis (?) I'm having now. But the differences between me and him is he's like a 'samurai-master' and will go saving people ass when he needed to; while I'm not == I'm just an ordinary undergraduate law students. /sigh

3. We both are sweet tooth. Although, again he's in whole different level than me or any human beings I've known in my lifetime (I haven't meet anyone who ate his rice with dessert like fruit or sweet pea [azuki] jam on top of it ಠ_ಠ).

4. We both like to read Jump... well, at least I used to, when I was 14 or 15... now I only read Hunter x Hunter (and I just began to read it again just recently).

5. He's a year older than me (which is around his early twenties); but his mental age is that of 15 years old boy. I'm very much like him in this when I'm around my family or best friends...

6. That's all about the shared traits. Next I'd like to point out why he's so favorable. He's a bad ass, careless, lazy, hoodlum-like (hate to admit it but he's cool that way) but he likes to address himself as Gin-san or Gin-chan which I found it so endearing, funny and cute.

7. He's Kagura's guardian and doing a very good job at it. A doting pseudo-father. While other flashy vulgar shonen comics might make their chemistry into those corrupted relationship between a little girl and a much older guy she can call him 'uncle', just so adult (otaku) fans can fantasize about it == (lolicon), their story is more natural, innocent and heartwarming. I love how he can be a good yet careless father/brother/friend for Kagura; maybe because I long for a father like him: as friend also as guardian. My relationship with my dad is that of boss and his underlings ==;

Idk, he's just so 'nice' eventho he's behaving like a useless prick most of the time.

Running Man: Joong Ki's comeback

It's only an episode but I'm grateful for it. The amount of Gwangsoo/JoongKi moments in this episode is so hefty I can't handle it. I mean I know it was brotherly love and all, but please I can't take those all it's so cute. Why korean men are so touchy~ It's dangerous for fangirls heart! ( ื▿ ืʃƪ)

22 November 2011 @ 06:38 pm
[mood| devious]
[music| 96Neko feat. VIP tenchou - マトリョシカ Matroyshka]

Because of something and another; I decided to restrain myself from tweeting until all my puny (but distressing) problems are taken care of. However as it is entering the second week of doing it, I become a bit frustrated lol. I need to share this pent up rubbish in my head, or else my brain will rot. Tweeting facilitating this urge every now and then; but since I'm in my restraining stage now so... the bright side is I get to write longer entries in this journal again. yay.

ok so, I want to share so many things, but I'll try to keep it lean and tight, so I won't bore anyone who's bother to read this. & sorry for my lousy english, I haven't used it properly for several months now == guess being a fluent speaker doesn't make me a good writer.

I. Dreams.

As in a dream in sleeping stance. I dreams a lot. Recently because of stress, I dreamed about scary, surreal things lol. Definition of scary for me is not about supernatural things or what... it's more like psychological attack by my subconscious; lmao. Anyway, sometimes I dreamed about nice things too. just like this morning I dreamed about something so good I woke up with a very big grin stretched upon my lips, so wide that it's hurt. Another good dream is about my friend mochisshi who's going to be a mother in several months; I dreamed about her and her cute tummy (I haven't see her anymore since her wedding party, now that I think of it oTL gonna visit her next time) so happy in that dream. Ah, good things :D I wish that baby will grow up to be an excellent child for the parents.

II. AccidentCollapse )

III. Gintama

This might be the high-light in this entry. I fall in love with this series. It's so funny, hilarious and everything beyond =)) I got some big laugh from it; I can help to have some of those in this state of mind, lol. I thought it was just another action series at first; got curious why so many people talk about it. Well, as Hunter x Hunter 2011 version is kind of disappointing, I thought it won’t hurt to take a look on other series as well—because it's been a while since the last time I watched anime.

The protagonist Yorozuya (lit; freelancer doing all odds): Gintoki (the young man with silver hair riding scooter), Shinpachi (the young boy with glasses), Kagura (the little girl riding a large dog), Sadaharu (their dog. yeah, it's a dog despite his size is as big as a mini-cooper).

So yeah I got this first impression that this show is only about samurai, fighting and all; but turn out it's a comedy action—in THAT order: means the comedy take a large part in this series. Of course it's still has serious arc or plot once in a while, executed in a good way too. The thing that I didn’t expect from this series is that every now and then some episode can be a serious tear jerker; eventho it's so funny in the beginning—it can turn you into a tear mess in a while, now I'm conflicted, lol. It has deep and strong quotes or catch-phrases, sometimes makes you reflecting on your life or learning to be a better person. Very unexpected from a crack series like this!

Their jokes involving heap-full parodies as one of its appeal. Other jokes mostly satirical about national, international, political current issues—even sponsorship or broadcasting system in Japan! No wonder they’re caught in some troubles because of these, but since fans are supporting this show so hard, I guess it’s normal for them to get off with it every now and then.

If you need a big laugh, understand general knowledge about Japan (or at least has a slight idea of it) and are not bothered by toilet jokes or slapstick humor once in a while; give it a try! 8DD

I guess, it’s all for now. I gotta finish something else first :))
24 November 2009 @ 04:04 pm
being consistent is kind of difficult.

I don't want to act like the things I despised.Collapse )

hmm, I don't want to be immature, so I'll just take it then..
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06 November 2009 @ 04:14 pm
[mood| working]
[music| Aditya Sofyan - Adelaide Sky]

I love love love love this music video so effin' much! THES ES SO FUNNY! I guarantee it.

the title is Wannabe, and it has 2nd episode which titled High Technology + trot.

the 1st episode:

the continuation:

I bet you'll have a very good LOL on these. Epik High is always one of my favorite, ever since i fell in love to them 2 years ago. not just their awesome music, also their works on music video are so cool. you'll find some songs which sounds serious are visualized in cute-happy but intriguing or even disturbing clip (example: Wannabe, High Technology) while merry song is pictured in somewhat black/horror but with a good humor inside it (example: Fan, Fly & so on).

for you who don't know them yet (although I'm pretty sure they're quite famous right now) Epik High is a hip-hop/rap/r&b music group from south Korea. but they're not just 'that'. actually they even once stated they want a 'no genre, just music' style for their music XD, they've (successfully) tried to mix so many genres but still with their signature in it; name it: rock, dance, jazz, classic, big band, oldies EVEN TRADITIONAL MUSIC xD (Trot, kalo di indonesia itu kaya keroncong atau campur sari gitu).
their songs are consist of pretty poems, criticism on currents (national or global) issues and often delivers deep messages. they used to be in major labels but since 2009 they go indie, building their own company (not the usual huh? ;D).

The members are so talented if not genius XD. there are a contemporary poet, a savage DJ & a weird case of genius musician. &their English won't fail you; as for the leader is a Bachelor from Stanford University. they're often working with other talented artists or groups such as Clazziquai (a pop-jazz-r&b band), Dynamic Duo (kaya m-flo-nya korea), Emi Hinouchi & so on.


(tablo is the tiny one, tukutz is the tall one, and mithra is the big-chubby one).
31 August 2009 @ 07:35 pm
[mood| full]
[music| Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy]

Is it just me or it is getting quiet in this journal.

what i mean is people, you guys, my friends, are not uploading or updating as frequent as it used to be. (LOL, looks who's talking?)

how am i suppose to ask you how's lifeee? XD. miss you guys.

  • happy Independence day.
  • happy fasting for you who are fasting.
  • and happy back to school for me *sigh*
    05 May 2009 @ 09:37 pm
    [mood| surprised]
    [music| Kuburan - Lupa Lupa Ingat]


    this is my top 8 artists in last 7 days/a week.


    this is my overall top artists. GOD! they beat kagura already? o__o;


    this is from the artist's page.

    and thanks to kaire_kaire and sanzo_houshi88 for point it out for me. I've been listening to them for quite long time, but i just finished in collecting(almost) all of their discography about 2 weeks ago (well they're A LOT & HUGE. these dudes sure works hard huh..) so..

    mmm.. i think they got me, under their skin. BLOH! wth XD.

    PS: just now, it was black out at my place so my post was a mess back then.. sorry for being an eyesore post XS
    07 April 2009 @ 08:36 pm
    [mood| sore]
    [music| I hate to admit it but it's SNSD - Gee. damn. (kinda antiSNSD XD)]

    Jamiroquai live at Sentul is like a dream come true.. sadly I can't attend this event too.. just like the other events at Jakarta. it's too far away (still, although it's within Indonesia), and I'm in the middle of exams.. and for my financial condition now the seat price is too expensive.. damn.

    jamiroquai at sentul Pictures, Images and Photos

    I always almost crying every time i see the add on tv. I know by hearts those teaser songs.. some of my favorites.. aww, quit whining already, such a big baby i am. I need a job. with good money. *NOD!NOD*

    and oh..

    this was taken about 2 months ago. haha, OLD!


    what's up with black and white? XD. it was also happened on the Beatles and ERK pages (at that time).. yaa.. monochrome is cool! talking bout that..

    long time ago, i was very into this! XD~


    what's up now cute pigs?

    please don't ban my icon.. (lol inspired by rinka at her ruki icon.. credit to shizuka_no_yume). and oh! maya_rock! i forgot bout my bag that i want to show you~ T___T next post i promise! i forgot where did i put that picture uuh.. whether i put it in my desktop or notebook ~___~
    18 February 2009 @ 12:00 pm
    [mood| anxious]
    [music| Efek Rumah Kaca - Kenakalan Remaja diEra informatika]

    it's 20th! omg... i'm officially not a teenager anymore. lol. but thanks God for everything. thanks for i still alive to savor each new day.. :D thank you to you guys too..